Tuesday, 17 January 2012

PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011: Top 10 Favourites

PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2011 was a four day event showcasing bridal fashion from top Pakistani fashion designers. Today we are counting down our top 10 favourite looks from the event!

10. Sonia Azhar
Orange and red is an awesome colour combination. This would be a great festive outfit for the sister of the bride/groom to wear at the mehndi.

9. Sonia Azhar
This colour is so unique for bridal wear - we would love to see a real bride in this outfit!

8. Sonia Azhar
Loving this floor-length kameez - a very streamlined look!

7. Asifa & Nabeel
This number has the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

6. Rouge
Grey is such an elegant colour to wear to weddings. This gown is even great for the older ladies!

5. Rouge
Navy blue was back with a bang this bridal week and we are so glad! You absolutely cannot go wrong with this regal and timeless colour.
4. Sara Rohale Asghar
The non-traditional route is a big trend for brides these days. We think this is the perfect mehndi outfit for the bold and regal bride!

3. Umar Sayeed
Fawad and Mahira from Humsafar fame (see our blog post here) rocked the finale in their gorgeous Umar Sayeed outfits. Totally loving the colours and the intricate kaam - having models like that to showcase it doesn't hurt either!

2. Rouge
This is Rouge's third appearance in our countdown, but can you really blame us? This outfit is just so beautiful and feminine.

1. Asifa & Nabeel
We are suckers for black and white, especially when it's done amazingly well like this. The white has just the perfect hint of grey and its silkiness against the bold black is just stunning. This is a classic piece that will last forever!

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