Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mughal Masterpiece (Part Deux): Tena Durrani Bridals

Each piece from this collection is drool worthy. I just can't seem to pick my favourite. You gotta see it to believe it:

Tena Durrani's fashion house is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2012: Top 15 Favourites

The 2012 PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week was held in Lahore just this past week. The four day event featured looks from many Pakistani designers including Elan, Asifa and Nabeel, HSY, and Nickie Nina. 
In this bridal week, it was clear that the regal look is the big trend in bridals for the upcoming year. Along with presenting more unique colour combinations, designers mostly chose dusty or dark tones. And for any of you still wondering, long shirts are still in fashion (and let's hope it stays that way!). This is a great bridal week to look into if you are getting married in the upcoming year. Here are our top favourite looks from this event:

15. Layla Chatoor
Ah the classic red anarkali! This look never goes out of style and would be great for brides wanting to wear a churidaar on their big day.

14. Nickie Nina
Love the soft and dusty green shade with the red accents. This would be great for a nikkah ceremony.

13. Nida Azwer
Who knew dark brown and sapphire would pair so well together - perfect for a non-traditional bride to wear on her reception day.

12. Nida Azwer
This super trendy jumpsuit would be a great item to keep in your trousseau. 

11. Nickie Nina
The powder blue and floral print is so vintage! A wonderful delicate look.

10. Layla Chatoor
The streamlined cut is perfectly blended with the traditional red bridal. An outfit truly for today's bride!

9. Teena by Hina Butt
This is another great item to add to your trousseau. Light coloured saari's always look elegant and timeless. This saari is on trend with the light grey and the pop of orange on the border.

8. Asifa and Nabeel
Cobalt blue was one of the only hot colours this summer which could be carried on to fall/winter.  Asifa and Nabeel keeps this trend alive with the high-low hemline, creating a more regal look.

7. Saai
Off white and coral - what a stunning colour combination!  This is perfect if you're looking for a refreshing colour palette for your wedding.

6. Asifa and Nabeel
Taupe and orange is another refreshing colour combination you could use for your mehndi or dholki.  Love the black and gold details.

5. Nickie Nina
This is just about the most colourful outfit we were able to spot in this bridal week. Love how it still has a dark feel to it despite the use of so many colours. This would be a great outfit for a large mehndi gathering.

4. Elan
This, in our opinion, is a must have outfit for all brides. It would be great for a nikkah ceremony at the masjid or for formal wear after the wedding (or both!).

3. Elan
So glad to see navy blue at this bridal week again! Love the sheer fabric with necklace-shaped embroidery - so elegant!

2. Asifa and Nabeel
This colour combination is to die for! Dusty green paired with plumish-maroon is glorious! This is a great look for brides wanting to mix tradition with modernity.

1. Elan
The showstopper from Elan's collection is our top pick from this bridal week (sorry, Asifa and Nabeel!). The floor length shirt, full sleeves and blush pink colour were the perfect ingredients for an outfit fit for a princess.

For any of you getting married soon, we thought we should touch on a much ignored topic (in the blogging world) for Pakistani/South Asian brides: HAIR! We particularly loved the combination of trendy braids and classic updo's at this bridal week. See below for some bridal hair inspiration:
Left: A great updo for brides with side bangs
Right: Adding a braid by your crown will give more volume underneath your dupatta and a much needed stable base for all those pins! 
Whether it's regular, french, or dutch, braids are perfect for a feminine and classy look.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Slits and Tassels

We are currently loving the trend of slits and tassels on the runway! Both slits and tassels add interesting vertical lines and give a longer and leaner look to your outfit all while adding a little regal touch! Check out some of the looks below for a little inspiration on your big day:

Nida Azwer
We decided to start off with a mini Runway to Reality feature! Love the modern colour combination of grey and orange with the slit and tassel details. Oh so fashionable just like Mahira Khan herself!

Nida Azwer

Asifa and Nabeel

Monia Faruqi (left); Elan (centre); Tena Durrani (right)


Friday, 3 August 2012

Inspiration Weddings: Disney's Princesses

Every girl's dream is to look and feel like a princess on her big day. So why not take some inspiration from the princesses we've grown up watching? See our picks below for bridal and bridesmaids outfits inspired by 6 Disney princesses.

Bridal (left): Mehdi; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

Snow White
Bridal (left): unknown; Bridesmaid (right): Tena Durrani

Bridal (left): Sana Safinaz; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

Bridal (left): Nomi Ansari; Bridesmaid (right): Nomi Ansari

Bridal (left): Elan; Bridesmaid (right): Tena Durrani

Bridal (left): unknown; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

If you're going for the princess theme, consider having you and each bridesmaid represent a princess. Each one of you can dress up as the princess at your bridal shower. At the wedding, you can wear the bridal inspired by your princess and each one of your bridesmaids can wear a formal outfit inspired by their princess. It'll be a fun recurring theme to look back on through your photos!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Runway to Reality: Tabassum Mughal's Princesses

Check out this beautiful bride who carries a Tabassum Mughal runway bridal with ultimate grace and class.

Wait, we're not done yet. The sister of the bride also wore a stunning Tabassum Mughal outfit from the 'Empress of Mughal Dynasty' Collection.

Who doesn't love a well-dressed family?

'Reality' pictures courtesy of Lighthouse Photography

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Top 13 Picks: Pakistan's Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012

Pantene BCW 2012 was held in April and showcased the very latest bridal designs from top designers. We know we're quite late in posting this, but these outfits definitely deserve a second look! The fact that we couldn't even narrow our picks down to 10 should give you a hint ;) Let's start!

13. Nomi Ansari
We're starting off with this festive suit we think is a perfect colour for any season. Again, an example of elegant and divine full sleeves ;)
12. Aamir Baig
This stunning and flowy gown in blush pink reminds us of a spring garden!
11. Nomi Ansari
An amazing shade of green from Nomi Ansari, who always uses awesome colours. The spray of pearls is super beautiful!
10. Mona Imran
This is an amazing formal that ladies of all ages can wear!
9. Nomi Ansari
We thought this look would be great for a traditional and classic mehndi!
8. Obaid Sheikh
This is one of those classic suits you can wear for Eid, formal gatherings, or weddings. Check out the mix of colours and fabrics in the image below. Love it! 

7. Mona Imran
Red and black is a great colour combination in fashion and decor, but if it's done wrong, it can look horribly cheap. That definitely isn't the case here, this outfit is stunning!
6. Wahaj Karim (outfit); Nadia Chotani (jewelry)
We couldn't even recognize Sarwat Gillani all glammed up in this bridal outfit. Even though it is a cream bridal, it still looks so traditional. She looks gorgeous!

5. Asifa and Nabeel
Okay, so we kind of gasped when first seeing this picture. Everything about this is so regal. Where does one even begin - the colours? the jacket? the cut? the tassels? Oh God.
4. Nomi Ansari
So he does it again. This outfit has the perfect pop of colours - any bride who wears this to her mehndi is sure to stand out. These colours are like a lifetime guarantee for beautiful wedding photos.
3. Sana Abbas
This is such an elegant and cute mehndi/mayoun outfit. Combined with the flower jewelry, it's the perfect look for the super cute bride!
2. Tabassum Mughal
The gota kaam on the shirt is SO classy! Love it!
1. Asifa and Nabeel
The perfect example of today's trends. It has an amazing neckline, super long length, ombre effect, and the slit down the side of the shirt with the tassel is really in ladies, take a mental note! Asifa and Nabeel takes the show again.