Friday, 3 August 2012

Inspiration Weddings: Disney's Princesses

Every girl's dream is to look and feel like a princess on her big day. So why not take some inspiration from the princesses we've grown up watching? See our picks below for bridal and bridesmaids outfits inspired by 6 Disney princesses.

Bridal (left): Mehdi; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

Snow White
Bridal (left): unknown; Bridesmaid (right): Tena Durrani

Bridal (left): Sana Safinaz; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

Bridal (left): Nomi Ansari; Bridesmaid (right): Nomi Ansari

Bridal (left): Elan; Bridesmaid (right): Tena Durrani

Bridal (left): unknown; Bridesmaid (right): Umar Sayeed

If you're going for the princess theme, consider having you and each bridesmaid represent a princess. Each one of you can dress up as the princess at your bridal shower. At the wedding, you can wear the bridal inspired by your princess and each one of your bridesmaids can wear a formal outfit inspired by their princess. It'll be a fun recurring theme to look back on through your photos!

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