Saturday, 2 June 2012

Top 13 Picks: Pakistan's Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2012

Pantene BCW 2012 was held in April and showcased the very latest bridal designs from top designers. We know we're quite late in posting this, but these outfits definitely deserve a second look! The fact that we couldn't even narrow our picks down to 10 should give you a hint ;) Let's start!

13. Nomi Ansari
We're starting off with this festive suit we think is a perfect colour for any season. Again, an example of elegant and divine full sleeves ;)
12. Aamir Baig
This stunning and flowy gown in blush pink reminds us of a spring garden!
11. Nomi Ansari
An amazing shade of green from Nomi Ansari, who always uses awesome colours. The spray of pearls is super beautiful!
10. Mona Imran
This is an amazing formal that ladies of all ages can wear!
9. Nomi Ansari
We thought this look would be great for a traditional and classic mehndi!
8. Obaid Sheikh
This is one of those classic suits you can wear for Eid, formal gatherings, or weddings. Check out the mix of colours and fabrics in the image below. Love it! 

7. Mona Imran
Red and black is a great colour combination in fashion and decor, but if it's done wrong, it can look horribly cheap. That definitely isn't the case here, this outfit is stunning!
6. Wahaj Karim (outfit); Nadia Chotani (jewelry)
We couldn't even recognize Sarwat Gillani all glammed up in this bridal outfit. Even though it is a cream bridal, it still looks so traditional. She looks gorgeous!

5. Asifa and Nabeel
Okay, so we kind of gasped when first seeing this picture. Everything about this is so regal. Where does one even begin - the colours? the jacket? the cut? the tassels? Oh God.
4. Nomi Ansari
So he does it again. This outfit has the perfect pop of colours - any bride who wears this to her mehndi is sure to stand out. These colours are like a lifetime guarantee for beautiful wedding photos.
3. Sana Abbas
This is such an elegant and cute mehndi/mayoun outfit. Combined with the flower jewelry, it's the perfect look for the super cute bride!
2. Tabassum Mughal
The gota kaam on the shirt is SO classy! Love it!
1. Asifa and Nabeel
The perfect example of today's trends. It has an amazing neckline, super long length, ombre effect, and the slit down the side of the shirt with the tassel is really in ladies, take a mental note! Asifa and Nabeel takes the show again. 

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